Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Standing Up for My Curvy Girls!!

Oh, man.... will the madness never end???

So, I'm sure that by now you've all heard of the controversial Lane Bryant ad starring plus size model Ashley Graham that both ABC and Fox refuse to air because they say it shows "too much skin", right? But in the meantime, both networks air Victoria's Secret commercials with scantily clad thin yet sexy girls all day long. Well, I say that women need to put an end to it by beginning to boycott anyone and anything that continues to promote these double standards.

Pure gorgeousness -- what the HELL is the problem???

Now... while you really do have to search long and hard to find any plus size women on your regularly scheduled TV, commercials, and in print ads, there seems to be no aversion whatsoever of putting all manner of plus size and portly men all over TV. In fact, if you recall, I wrote about this in my post "A Big Fat Double Standard" a year ago. It really does piss me off that one group of people gets to make the rules of what's acceptable for the masses. And by the way, have you seen the Lane Bryant commercial that these two butthead networks refuse to air? here it is:

Can you all say "ridiculously GORGEOUS"??? Because that's what this woman is. And the commercial is actually tame compared to some of those VS ones with the models writhing all over the place. And as for what's really appealing to people, I can tell you for sure that this woman here would have a hard time walking down the street where I live, cause she'd be tripping over all the men busy worshiping her while sidestepping all their little puddles of drool.... Ashley Graham is HOTT!, and the one great thing about this whole mess is that although they are refusing to air the commercial, it's gotten her a ton of publicity, and hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of her. She's a size 16 with a flat stomach! I think she looks great, and I'd love to see her in more ads. When she is on screen you literally can't take your eyes off of her. What dummies ABC and Fox are!! Isn't that what you want.... your viewers glued to the screen and not flipping to another channel??? Complete dumb asses, they are!

One of those Victoria's Secret ads. Seriously, what's the diff??

Anyway, I don't advocate being obese, but I also don't think that beauty comes only in sizes six and under. If a woman's body is proportionate to her height, she's not morbidly obese, and is healthy -- there's absolutely nothing wrong. Now, if you're huffing and puffing every time you go up and down stairs, have high blood pressure and can no longer feel your toes, then yes, you need to get your butt to the gym, start exercising and lessen that calorie intake. Hell, even if you're not, you should still be taking care of your body through eating healthier and regular physical activity. Big can be beautiful but OBESE is a problem. But it really all is relative when it comes to what size is more beautiful.

Anyway, this size 8 curvy girl says "stop the madness". And for those of you out there that get upset when these things happen, I say put your money where your mouth is. BOYCOTT any company that has practices that offend you. Stop supporting these designers that will only feature size 0 models in their shows and print ads by not buying their shit! And stop buying those damn magazines that keep showing only one side of beauty -- the thin side. If you all stopped watching Fox and ABC right now, they'd get it pretty quickly. But in the meantime, if all you're going to do is bitch and moan, then get ready to see absolutely nothing change. Stand up, curvy girls! Make it stop!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day! Be Fit AND Be Green!

Here are a few ways that I help to create less waste and less use of energy as I go about my fitness:

*Exercise outdoors instead of the gym as often as the weather permits

*Reuse the same water bottle. In fact, I reuse it until new species of bacteria begin to form on it.

*Wear my sneakers completely out before buying new ones. Towards the end it ain't pretty, but it does help save the planet!

*Instead of an energy bar, I prefer to have a banana, a couple apples or an orange before workouts. To be even greener, I would grow them myself -- IF I lived on a farm! However, living in a New York City apartment, I have to settle for buying them at the grocer. But at least we skip the fancy packaging that energy and power bars come in.

So, there! I do my part to help save the planet AND my waistline. You should try to do the same. Have any other ideas on how to be greener with your fitness? How would YOU go about it?


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Flirty Girl Fitness Gone Wrong

This one really made my day, and I hope it makes yours too. We love all the new strip tease, pole and flirty girl fitness themes that keep popping up lately, don't we?
Well, these two decided to get a couple chairs out and just bring it!
The little one in the back may have tried a bit TOO hard, though.... I do hope she's okay! Enjoy! ;)

Oops Pictures, Images and Photos

Note: if you do decide to try this at home, be sure not to use the big chairs. Especially if you're only 5 feet tall.

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