Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bacon Ice Cream - They Really Are Just Trying to Kill Us, Aren't They?

Created in the secret lab of some evil scientist bent on destroying mankind for sure. I mean, who else would think this stuff up??

Bacon ice cream has small chunks of actual bacon in it. I won't even try to fathom the amount of fat and calories that this must contain...

More importantly, I wonder who out there is actually eating it? Not worries on that! lol! I mean, if it was set before me, I'd probably take a taste out of curiosity, but trust me, even then bacon ice cream won't be replacing my all time favorites Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche or Chocolate anytime soon. I prefer my ice cream flavors more on the sane side, thank you!

There are now a few places across the US peddling this stuff, namely
The Udder Delight Ice Cream House in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and some place called the Moo Creamery in the southwest. Based on that info, I might decide to relocate. There must be more than a few folks out there who would benefit greatly from my awesome, fat busting, personal training skills after eating this new nightmare of an ice cream flavor. Hell, I might even become rich out in them there hills...
Hey, your gain is MY gain! And that's just the way I like it! ;)

Have any of you tried this stuff? Would you even dare? Based on the success of this bacon ice cream, I'm predicting that mayonnaise ice cream will be invented next. Yeah, you know somebody out there has already thought of it and is trying desperately to figure out how to make it work. Let's just all hope and pray that never happens, shall we? ;)


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Abs of The Week -- Manny Pacquiao!

Some of you might have guessed it already, but these hot, smokin', sexy abs belong to boxing phenomenon Manny Pacquiao!!

Not only an awesome as hell fighter (and congrats on yet another win, Manny!), but this guy obviously puts some serious time and work in to achieve this bod!

Lookin' kind of Bruce Lee-like in that pic, too. Is he married? Hee hee hee.... ;)
Hey, I'd at least work out with him! No pressure, Manny, no pressure! :)

Anyway, here we have our Hot Abs of the Week! I think we'll do this one again.
When you see anybody else out here putting this theme on their blog (my little copycats...and they know who they are!;), remember that The Fitness Diva did it first!

The rest of you can now start working your own abs. Hey, if your abs look anything like Manny's, I'll feature you, too! I'm serious! Take care, and get to work! You could be my next abs of the week! ;)


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Real Men Do Aerobics!

You betcha! It takes having quite a pair to step up into a room full of really well coordinated ladies rocking grapevines, hamstring curls and mambo steps and hold your own! Not only that, but to be able to do it in your own manly, masculine style! I love it when I look up and see brave men like yourself coming to take my aerobics classes! Bravo! My question is, though, why don't I see more of you in class?? Some a you'se scared or what? Not tired of that steroid and testosterone fest known as the weight room yet? There is but so much that grunting over a bunch of heavy weights is going to do for you, seriously... ;)

I have to tell you, it's a phenomenon that I and many of the ladies do chuckle about. I once asked a guy why he never takes any aerobics classes. After all, aerobics are good for you! They're fun, they help you improve coordination, exercise your memory and also get in that cardio. Plus, you get to be around a bunch of girls in some nicely revealing workout clothes, something that I KNOW you men appreciate GREATLY.
So, what's holding you back, bruh?
The guy I asked replied to me "I don't do that Mickey Mouse stuff." What??! Mickey Mouse stuff? Are you serious? "So, you think aerobics is just some dancy, prancy fluff, huh?" I counter. He comes back with "Yeah, that's not serious enough for me. That ain't no workout. Just a bunch of women jumping and dancing around (as if he really thinks that's a bad thing). It is so not for dudes!" he declares.
"Come and take my class", I say. "I bet you won't find it quite as easy as you think. I bet you won't even last a half hour", I challenge him. Of course, dude never shows up. The wimp! ;)

Thing is, I know that a lot of men think this way. Until they show up and actually try to take a class, that is. Some manage to hang okay, buy MANY fail! Not as easy as it looks, my dears! But if you hang in there, and come back again a couple times, you will get it. Almost everybody sucks at the very beginning!
Many guys have showed up for my aerobics classes but have never come back. Once they realize that it involves a bit more coordination and wind, and thereby is not as easy as they thought, and that the 70 year old lady in the thong back leotard up in the front row is doing it better than they are, they're out the door! ;)

My specialty is kickbox aerobics, so at least you're getting to do some cool kicking and punching combinations. I'm not doing Jane Fonda aerobics over here! :)
I also teach a mean step class, and I will admit, I do have a few good guys in there, but not many! Still 85 to 90% women!
More men need to start showing up in aerobics class! I don't understand why so many of you are letting a little word like "aerobics" intimidate you so! Is it that you don't want to mess up in front of all the cute girlies? Or is it that this is one area in which you know you can't dominate??? Huh? A fitness diva really wants to know! Do tell, fellas! ;)
Ladies, I think they're scared!

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