Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Expendables - My Kind of Men!! ;)

Listen up, Hollywood.... THIS is the form of manliness I would seriously like to see when I flip on the tube or plunk down my hard earned dollars to check out one of your flicks. Just look at 'em -- fit, primed, capable and ready for anything men who actually take a little bit of time out of their day to hit the gym! Or hit something! ;) haaaa!
I was just remarking on William's post about the Expendables over at his blog, London Is Cool, of how I smile every time I pass by this poster in the subway. Each time I see it, I just have to stop and look it over for a few secs. It just warms my heart to look and see this hard bodied, good lookin', awesome lineup of action heroes ready to come and save my day. From Sly and Arnold to my boy, Jet Li, they seem to have gotten them all, and have also included a couple MMA guys. Lovely!

I guess this poster excites me so because I've so overdosed on the endless parade of pudgy, bellyriffic, never met a gym or a workout they liked guys that Hollywood is continually forcing down my throat on TV and commercials for like, 5+ years now (see Get Him to the Greek, Knocked Up, Mr Rollback on those damn endless Walmart commercials, The King of Queens, Life According to Jim, the Budweiser guy who crashes VIP parties and all the portly, calorie control challenged husbands they show on TV with fit, attractive, skinny wives who apparently know a little something about healthy diet). I'm sick of it! I doth protest!!

Yeah, I'm bitching and being superficial and some fat guys out there might not like it!! I don't care!!! Just as you guys want to see great looking women everywhere you look, especially in movies and on TV, I want my fair share of the same! Damn right! Bring on the boys! fit ones...~ ;)
So, please, please, please, Hollywood, keep on pumping out Expendables. Me likey. Me likey alot!! (and keep showing those Shake Weight and Bowflex commercials with the shirtless guys in 'em!~ those are my favorite! ;)

And hey, here's hoping that the movie is just as good as the poster looks! ;)


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